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What If?

By Roger E. Bruner


In 2052, New America’s far-left leadership tires of being pestered by the ten thousand remaining Christians who continue to thrive amidst severe persecution. A consortium of wealthy liberals forcibly migrates them to Whollyland, a remote area where they are cut off from all contact with New America and ‘wholly out’ of the consortium’s hair. The migrants change the spelling to Holyland.

It’s too late for anyone to file to run for the presidency on learning that Maury Goodman, Holyland’s first president, isn’t running for reelection. But one man, a recent arrival from New America, took advantage of the Constitution’s lax citizenship and political eligibility requirements and filed before the deadline.

Nobody knows Pierce Santana. How and why has he come to Holyland? And what will he do when he becomes president? The Constitution is so lax he can do almost anything he wants to if he’s elected.

Without any opponents, Santana is certain to win, even if he casts the only vote.

Three teens use their secret internet access to research Santana. He’s not just an enemy. He’s come to Holyland to wipe out the last vestiges of true Christianity from America.

How can the teens, working with outgoing President Goodman and their political science teacher, Ed Flagel, prevent Santana’s election?

A problem like that is likely to require supernatural intervention.

Book Takeaway:

Christ commanded us to forgive our enemies. He forgave those who were crucifying Him, and He can work miraculously through us when we're willing to pray for our enemies.

Why the author wrote this book:

Far too many Christians fail to be adequately concerned about the far-Left's efforts to take over America and to destroy Christianity in the process of taking away all of our freedoms. I want this book to make people think...and to take action before it's too late.


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