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A Twisted Rainbow

By Roger E. Bruner


A Twisted Rainbow is a quirky, whimsical, and moving Christian coming-of-age novel about two young men who rebel against their Christian upbringing to pursue the American Dream.

Joel, a Preacher’s Kid plagued by guilt about almost everything wrong he’s ever done, is afraid God will call him into the ministry. His best friend, Roberto, resents Christianity because of the way the church that brought him and his family to the United States treated them.

But will winning a five million dollar lottery give them what they really want and need? When they suffer the unexpected loss of their fortune, their hopes and dreams rocket far out of reach.

What one, simple, unexpected occurrence can make them forget about the fool’s gold that had previously seemed so important and enable them to enjoy genuine riches in God’s love and goodness?

Book Takeaway:

Possessions that seem important often turn out to be fools gold. Only the "good and perfect gifts" God provides have any real value.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was a preachers kid, and I hated it. I was also afraid God might call me into the ministry. I thought it would not only be fun to draw from my own life to show that possessions are far less important than God's love and His forgiveness.


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