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Raining Fire (Heartsong Presents #523)

By Lynn A. Coleman


Fear controls Pam Danner's Life.
Friends and servants had warned Pam that the omens were against her family leaving Virginia to cross the Cumberland Gap–but the Danners went ahead with their plans. Now her parents and her only brother are dead, and Pam is stranded on the Wilderness Road with only a man dressed in animal skins to protect her.
Terrified that Mac, as he identifies himself, might mistreat her, Pam lets him believe that she is recently widowed in hopes that he will treat her with greater respect. But Mac is not her only concern. Accidental shootings, attacks by bandits, and treacherous weather conditions all conspire to make Pam fear the power of nature and omens even more.
How can Pam release her fears and learn to trust God completely? And will the strange new attraction she feels toward Mac lead her to a place of love–or will a mysterious tragedy from his past destroy the only friendship she has left?

Why the author wrote this book:

I stumbled across a diary entrance about the 1833 leonids meter shower and curious I researched some more and found the event referred to "The Year it Rained Fire." I thought about all the folks who panicked and decided this would be a great backdrop for a romance.


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