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Mustering Courage (HeartSong Presents #425)

By Lynn A. Coleman


When Kayla puts her career on hold to live on a rural farm, she does so out of love for her great-grandmother. Gram has Alzheimer's disease, and Kayla is prepared to care for her to the end. But once her work is done, Kayla is determined to head back to the city. Nothing–not even Warren, a neighboring farmer–can persuade hr to stay.
Warren is a gentle and king to Kayla's great-grandmother and obviously loves the Lord. Kayla has to admit she enjoys talking with him and has even started to look forward to him dropping into her kitchen. But...
Warren is as tall and thin as a beanpole–certainly not the dream man she's always pictured for her life. And something about him occasionally rubs Kayla the wrong way. No, she thinks, he's definitely not the man for me.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to address what a family goes through with an Alzheimer's sufferer. Yes, it is hard on a family and for the family member going through the disease but understanding and patience is needed when caring for the individual. Also the disease allowed for a small mystery as well.


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