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Harbor Hopes (Romancing America: Maine)

By Lynn A. Coleman


Come to the Maine harbor town where visitors are welcomed, but rarely asked to stay. Dena has taken time from her world travels to visit her son and grandchildren, but will the quiet town convince her to put down roots when she meets Wayne? Jordan comes to town to learn photography from the best, but will he and Randi overcome a rocky beginning or be doomed by danger? Krispin is vacationing on the coast when his kayak is run over by Jess’s fishing boat, resulting in lawsuit, but can all be forgiven with a change of heart?

Book Takeaway:

You're never too old for love and learning to trust the Lord for your future. With Wayne he needed to get past his past failings. With Dena she needed to trust the Lord with a new future for herself.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love the rustic coast of Maine and thought it would be nice to set a story in the area.


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