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Sea Escape (Heartsong Presents #314)

By Lynn A. Coleman


Dr. Alexandra Tucker has come to Martha's Vineyard for sabbatical–to pray and grow closer to the Lord, who appears to want her single for life. At thirty-five. Alex's biological clock no longer merely ticks; it booms out the hour loud and clear. But a husband and children do not seem to be part of God's plan for her life.
God, however, has a few surprises in store for Alex on the Vineyard. They start one evening when a powerfully-built stranger bursts in on her–just as she's applied a layer of green goo to her face.
From then on, the sparks fly between Alex and her neighbor Jared Madeiras. The last thing either one of them wants is to get involved. But a case of poison ivy, a Nor-easter, and even a shipwreck only drive them closer and closer.
Maybe, just maybe, Alex realizes, God doesn't want her single for life after all!

Book Takeaway:

Healing from the past and what has happened to you, requires time and patience but it also requires forgiveness. Not only for the one you were wronged by but for yourself. To stop blaming yourself for things that have gone wrong. Alex's journey is subtle but powerful.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is my first published novel. I chose Martha's Vineyard as the location because I grew up on the Vineyard. I was encouraged by a friend to write this hero and heroine's story. So, I choose Kansas in honor of my friend as the state where the heroine Alex hails from.


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