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Cords of Love (Florida Weddings Series #1) (Heartsong Presents #506)

By Lynn A. Coleman


Someone is out to get Renee Austin...
...and she has no idea who it is. First, thieves ransack the small design firm where she works, then a stranger breaks into her apartment. All the while, a business competitor seems to be stealing presentation ideas from her company's computers and using them to lure away clients. Worst of all, the evidence points to Renee as the culprit.
Renee knows that her boss Aaron Chapin, wants to trust her, but she fears secrets from her past are putting both him and his four-year-old son in danger. Renee has lost everyone she ever loved–will she lose Aaron too? Or will the cords of love give her the strength to persevere and prove her innocence?

Why the author wrote this book:

I was living in Miami at the time and there was a newscast about corporate espionage. I thought hmm, what an interesting way to set the tension in a Romance to have the heroine being set up as the corporate spy.


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