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Lizzy's Hope (Heartsong Presents #443)

By Lynn A. Coleman


The Past has left deep scars on Lizzy and Mo...
Daniel "Mo" Greene wears those scars in ugly stripes across his back–where his master once beat him again and again. Lizzy Hunte was born free and never suffered under slavery's dark curse–but she lost her husband to the war fought to bring an end to slavery in the South.
A friendship begins when Mo asks Lizzy to teach him to read and write. Seeing the opportunity as a way to earn support for herself and her four children, Lizzy agrees to accept this new student. But will the pupil become the protector when Lizzy's devious boss threatens her virtue?
God seems to have brought Mo and Lizzy together. Can they move past their fears and entrust their hearts to a gentle love?

Why the author wrote this book:

This was an opportunity to continue the Key West series and since I feel in love with Cook, I thought it be fun to delve into her family and their life stories as well. It also gave me an opportunity to write from a black person's pov. And to have two people who had entirely different reasons for wanting freedom from slavery was fun to show there was more to the war than slavery.


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