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A Time to Embrace (Heartsong Presents #396)

By Lynn A. Coleman


Beatrice Smith arrives at the port of Key West caught up in a whirl of emotions. The time has come for her to release her young charge into the care of his uncle. But a rocky introduction to Ellis Southward has Beatrice clinging even more to the man's four-year-old nephew. She is convinced that this confirmed bachelor cares only for making money through his sponge business.
Miss Smith is not the kind of nanny Ellis expected to invite into his home to care for his nephew. This woman was too young, too beautiful, and too much of an intrusion upon his laid-back lifestyle. He decides that she must go back to New York on the next ship.
Tension crackles between them under the relentless tropical sun. Can they reach a civil agreement about the best interest of the child? Or will an undertow of attraction only keep them at odds?

Book Takeaway:

The book takeaway really is the spiritual theme of this story. Trusting the Lord in all our circumstances no matter how painful they may be in the beginning.

Why the author wrote this book:

There's an interesting story behind this book. I proposed it for a novella and it was one of the last five to choose from. However, the others were set in similar locations and the editor decided to reject it and keep the similar story settings for the novella publication. She also mentioned that it would make a good novel for the Heartsong Presents label. At first I was thinking she was being nice but I soon came to my senses and rewrote the proposal as a full length novel. This became quite a blessing. From this story three more novels were set in Key West and in 2002 the four novels were put into a collection titled Key West. To this date it was the best rejection I have ever received for a novel. It also introduces you to one of my all time favorite characters, Cook. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this series.


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