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Courting Holly (Heartsong Presents)

By Lynn A. Coleman


HOLLY GRAHAM'S WORLD IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN …by her mother's deathbed confession. Fortunately, there's one constant in Holly's life: her best friend, Bryce Jarvis. His strong arms are there to comfort her. And his honey-brown eyes see her as more than the little girl he grew up with…. Bryce has waited for years to court Holly. But when his chance finally comes, Holly faces questions about her very identity. She isn't sure about anything anymore—even how she feels about Bryce. Can he make her understand that the pure love right in front of her is true and sure?

Book Takeaway:

No matter what has happened to you, God has and is always with you. Your identity is within the person He created you to be.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've always wanted to set a book in Savannah, GA. But the idea hit me when I stumbled on a news report about an adult woman discovering her father, was not her father. I thought what an interesting concept for a novel. It's also a boy next door story as the hero has known her, her entire life.


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