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The Innkeeper's Wife (Heartsong Presents)

By Lynn A. Coleman


Richard Arman Isn't Looking for a Wife The innkeeper's gentle laundress-turned-cook, Grace Martin, is more than his employee—she's his friend. So when the lovely widow needs a place to stay, Richard is happy to help. But the confirmed bachelor surprises even himself when he proposes marriage. Grace has never considered marrying any man, even one as steadfast as Richard. But the chemistry that sparks between them belies a straightforward business arrangement. Could a mere marriage of convenience lead the way to a love match…for life?

Book Takeaway:

The grace required to live when people hurt you, well meaning and not so well meaning, is hard and yet for our own peace something that is very beneficial to give.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the second book in the St. Augustine series based on Grace, a friend of the first book's heroine. Grace has to learn to live in the grace required from what her parent's and in-laws have done to her since her husband's passing.


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