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Winning the Captain's Heart (Heartsong Presents)

By Lynn A. Coleman


LOVE ISN'T IN CAPTAIN WYATT DARLING'S LOGBOOK After a violent robbery, Wyatt is left bereft, broken and looking for answers. Solace comes in the form of beautiful Mercy Hastings, who insists he must recuperate at her family's home. Mercy doesn't anticipate her pure act of charity will endanger both their lives. Wyatt's always been married to his first love: the sea. Resigned to forever being alone, his resolve is severely tested by his captivating rescuer. As Wyatt works with Mercy to identify his attackers, will he find a way to make her his first mate forever?

Book Takeaway:

Knowing God's will and being patient in waiting for it to happen are difficult things to deal with. There is a urgency to push and make happen what you believe is the Lord's will in your life. Mercy needed to be patient and wait, as well as be content that if Wyatt never saw fit to open himself up to the possibility of marriage, she would be content in her life without him. Wyatt's loses in life had him be very protective of his heart, he needed to open up and trust again.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the first of a three part series set in St. Augustine, FL. I had decided to use three women who's names reflected their personality and struggles. Mercy (Winning the Captain's Heart) is the first of these gals. ST. Augustine is only an hour and half drive from my home and I love the historic nature of the town as it is the oldest city in the United States.


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