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A Place of Her Own (Heartsong Presents #728)

By Lynn A. Coleman


After a life of indentured sevitude and abuse, Katherine OLeary longs for a place of her own. And especially when Shelton Greene invades her heart. Her history is fully of darkness; how could the son of her former owner love her after he learns the truth? Shelton Green has loved Katherine since he was sixteen, but shes as skittish as a wild mare. He knows only time and gentleness will bring her around to trust him. But his fathers gambling has destroyed his familys reputation, and Shelton must find a way to restore it. When Sheltons parents arrive, the past flares up and sends Katherine deeper inside herself. Will Sheltons family obligations keep Katherine from believing shes worthy of love? Could the peaceful place she longs for be by his side?

Book Takeaway:

This is book three of the Kentucky series. In this story Katherine the sister of the hero from book 2, journeys through the healing of the past and finding hope for the future for herself and Shelton.


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