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With Good Intentions: A Historical Romance novella (Secret Identity Book 1)

By Jo Huddleston


Jean Stewart and her mama stand firm to protect their family business from a big-city developer’s takeover. Oscar Wainworth sends his son William to convince the ladies to sell their property. William has an instant attraction to Jean, believes he shouldn’t be the one to discuss the sale with the Stewarts, and gives them a fake name. If they know he’s a Wainworth, he’s likely to find himself out on the sidewalk.One lie leads to another until William may have dug a hole too deep to escape. By stealth he learns that Jean can’t associate with anyone who is dishonest. To win Jean’s love, William must convince her that his lies flowed from good intentions.

Book Takeaway:

One lie usually leads to another until deception seeps into a lifestyle.

Why the author wrote this book:

To show that even when one has a good reason for keeping a secret, deceiving another usually is not the wisest thing to do and there will be unpleasant consequences.


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