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Fascination: A 1950s sweet Southern romance

By Jo Huddleston


Thrilled with her new independence, Susannah decides she doesn’t need a man to complete her life. Yet she falls in love with Edward.

Edward’s bachelor creed is to date a woman three times and walk away. Then he meets Susannah. Loving her is dangerous for his career goals, but he can’t resist her.

When Edward’s law firm assigns him an out-of-state project, will his career success remain his priority, or will the woman he loves become his major concern? Find out in this unforgettable first novel in the Emotions of the Heart series.

If you like wholesome romance that brings together a city boy and a small-town girl, don’t miss this intriguing and entertaining love story that can be read as a standalone.

Book Takeaway:

Sharing our feelings with the one we love is better than deception.

Why the author wrote this book:

God urged me to write this story until I gave in to his insistence.


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