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Just You and Me: A Beach Romance

By Jo Huddleston


A Christian beach story of love, forgiveness, and divine providence. In this sweet mid-20th-century romance, a magnificent mistake brings Allison and Jim together, each at the beach with a buddy. An unfamiliar instant attraction tugs at both their hearts. But when Jim gives Allison a compliment, she misunderstands it as a pick-up line. When Jim subsequently falls silent, Allison determines to find a way to get him to love her. Jim has spent half of his adult life in the Air Force and will soon leave the military. He wants Allison by his side to help him with the challenges his new lifestyle will bring. But after a horrible accident at the airfield, Jim keeps his diagnosis from Allison for fear she may not want to spend their lives together.

Book Takeaway:

There are no coincidences, only God-incidences.

Why the author wrote this book:

To tell a story of God's pursuing love and His presence in our lives.


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