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Her Reason to Smile

By Jo Huddleston


A most eligible bachelor. A dignified woman. The Perfect Pair?

Susan Lockwood is a serious-minded woman.

David Maxwell has never dated any woman more than six months—he becomes bored and continues to search for that someone who qualifies for the pedestal he’s reserved for her.

When David interviews Susan for a position at his company, they find what they’ve dreamed of in each other. David makes her smile, and that pleases her. Susan is like a tonic, bringing out the best in him.

A record-breaking snowfall and power outages hit Asheville. Stranded, Susan must stay at his mother’s and concludes David is tied to her apron strings. Not knowing he is attracted to Susan, she doubts she can overcome David’s dependence on his mother and accept his ideal job offer.

In 1958 in snow-covered North Carolina mountains, two souls meet only to bounce away from each other like bumper cars at the county fair...

Book Takeaway:

That the reader could become more aware that we can get through even the most impossible of events when we depend on God's plan for our life.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a Thanksgiving holiday centered story, where characters could become aware of their blessings when the status quo is interrupted


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