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Mary Ann's Miracle

By Jo Huddleston


When Mary Ann Williams was a teenager, her daddy fell from the lofty pedestal on which she had placed him. It will take a miracle to restore her trust in him and all men.
Orphaned Doug Palmer searched for a somewhere and a someone. When he enlisted, the U.S. Marine Corps became his somewhere. But until he met Mary Ann he’d never known anyone he wanted for his someone.
Proving himself trustworthy to Mary Ann will be a monumental task hindered by a roadblock named Roxie.
In spite of the possibility that Doug might be her prince charming, Mary Ann’s shredded and bruised heart is not easily given away. She must believe Doug’s words more than Roxie’s or her fairy tale will disappear.

Book Takeaway:

Love cannot survive without trust.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the final book in the California Bound series, which tells the story of three girls from Alabama with the common goal of reaching Los Angeles. Mary Ann's Miracle is the adventure of the third girl, Mary Ann.


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