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Her Christmas Dream: A Sweet Southern Romance

By Jo Huddleston


A Christmas romance sprinkled with suspense!

In this sweet romance, all Marilyn dreams of for Christmas is a relationship with someone who cares for her. Someone who really knows her. A stranger volunteers at the rescue shelter where Marilyn and her best friend George volunteer. George has concerns about Marilyn’s safety if she dates the stranger. When George becomes overprotective of her, will Marilyn choose the bad-boy-stranger or her best friend to spend Christmas with this year?

Order this 20th-century story today to find out which man Marilyn chooses.

Book Takeaway:

Probably the most enduring takeaway from Her Christmas Dream would be this: Many times when we think we’ve found our heart’s desire, it doesn’t measure up to what we already had all along.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to tell the story of a Christmas hope or dream that turns out to be not what the character expected, but rather even more fulfilling.


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