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Betty's Blessing: A Historical Romance novella (California Bound Book 2)

By Jo Huddleston


Love sometimes shows up uninvited.
Betty Campbell catches Donna’s bridal bouquet but has no desire to marry, especially not to Greg Turner, whom she considers arrogant. When Greg travels from Alaska to California to be the best man in Tommy’s wedding, he plans to move on as soon as possible. Then Greg meets Betty and he’s drawn to her like ants to spilled sugar.

But Betty’s fiery blue eyes take exception to his every word and expression! Greg seeks to discover why Betty is so hostile toward him. Misfortune and misunderstandings trigger the couple’s concern for one another.

Book Takeaway:

Even when love shows up uninvited, believers should listen to God's prodding. God may have brought someone into our life that fulfills His plan for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

To continue the story of the three girls--Donna, Betty, and Mary Ann--who left Alabama to follow their dream to work in Los Angeles, California.


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