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Promise Me (The West Virginia Mountains Series) (Volume 3)

By Jo Huddleston


In 1960, civil discord in Vietnam fills the news. After his college graduation, Patrick Fitzgerald plans to join his daddy’s South Carolina accounting firm. But Uncle Sam may have another position in mind for Patrick—in the U.S. Army. His family’s affluence would be no match for the persuasion of the military draft Adriana Montagna’s Papá ekes out a living as a coal miner in the mountains of West Virginia. Can a lasting relationship form with Patrick, or will his wealth become a barrier between them? Meanwhile, the fiber of America’s unity stands on the precipice, while its youth fight a no-win battle on foreign soil. What good can a young couple hope for at such a time as this?

Book Takeaway:

Besides the theme of making and keeping a promise, there is a God-related message I hope my readers will grasp: No matter how angry we may become toward God, he always welcomes our return to him.

Why the author wrote this book:

I visited a college friend’s home in West Virginia whose daddy owned a coal mine. What an eye opener, among my many new experiences!
I observed the poor living conditions of the miners and their families, but also their excellent work ethic. Within the coal mining community I saw the Company Store, also owned by the mine owner, where the families traded tokens for dry goods and groceries. I was introduced to the coal mine’s tipple, the building perched on tall metal legs that sat astraddle of railroad tracks and facilitated the loading of the mined coal into railroad bumper cars. The tipple truly fascinated me.
On that visit to West Virginia, I decided that someday I’d write about a tipple. I did so in the first book of my West Virginia Mountains series, Wait for Me. Readers have followed the mine owner’s family and a miner’s family through book 2 in the series, Trust Me. And now book 3 and the final book of the West Virginia Mountains series has released, Promise Me.


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