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Endless Season (Volume 1)

By Ruth Kyser


It was only to be a vacation -- a two-week respite from her work, and a chance to visit with friends. But when a young widow named Jennifer Marlowe takes a trip to Manchester, England to visit old chums, the plans change. Instead of touring the city of Manchester, she ends up in the Scottish Highlands where she will meet a tall Scot with haunted eyes, whose bitterness toward God touches her heart and life. The story line is told through the eyes of both Jennifer and the ‘tall Scot’ named James ‘Mac’ MacAndrew. As we learn about his past and what has caused the inner turmoil in his life, we are drawn further into the story. Interwoven between the pages are the supporting characters, each helping to add love, laughter and spice to this modern-time love story.

Book Takeaway:

It's really the story of a child of God, finding his way back after years of wandering lost in the wilderness.

Why the author wrote this book:

The seed for this book came from a dream I had about visiting my pen pal in England.


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