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Laurie's Heart (The Morgan Family Saga) (Volume 3)

By Ruth Kyser


"Laurie's Heart" is Book 3 in"The Morgan Family Saga" series. Clayton Morgan loves his family's cattle ranch, the Bluecreek Ranch. But after losing a college buddy to a violent crime, he makes the decision to leave the ranch and his family behind to go into law enforcement. Then a dark haired, brown-eyed shy young woman by the name of Laurie Lambright comes into his life. Even though he's attracted to her, she lets it be known right up front that she's not interested in having anything to do with a cop. Set during the turbulent years of the mid-1960s, "Laurie's Heart" not only follows the young couple's difficult journey to love, but also takes the readers back to a historic time in our nation's history.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the final book in "The Morgan Family Saga" series, which tells the stories of Samuel Morgan's ancestors (FBI Agent Sam Morgan from the "True Cover" series).


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