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Oatcakes, Tea, and Me

By Ruth Kyser
Publication Date: September 2018
Genre: Romance / Contemporary
ISBN10: 1727269187
ISBN13: 9781727269185
Topics/Issues: faith, faithful, family, family obligation, fear, fearful, forgiving, forgive, forgiveness, grace, grief, death, mourning, loss, grieving, hope, hopeful, hopefulness, marital, marriage, married, war, wars, wartime, widow
Settings: Michigan, Scotland

Ann Grant is in a rut. Her grandson just got married to the love of his life, and as a widow, Ann is now all alone, living in her little house in South Haven, Michigan. Then her best friend deserts Ann, and she can't help but wonder what God has planned for the rest of her life. At almost seventy-years-old, is Ann's life over? Then Ann decides to step out in faith and go with her grandchildren to Scotland to stay at the sheep farm of her new granddaughter's grandfather and meet the man himself--Sandy Murray. Never in her wildest dreams could Ann have envisioned what God had waiting for her in…

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