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Without Regrets

By Ruth Kyser


Can Rachel forgive herself for past decisions, and open her heart to love again? Rachel King lost everything. After her husband dies unexpectedly, she loses their home and business; she loses it all. After months of struggling, she was just starting to put her life back together when she receives a letter from an attorney—a letter that totally turns her life upside down. "Without Regrets" takes you through the heart-wrenching ordeal of one woman’s journey to forgiveness as she struggles with the “what ifs” of life. She knows she has God’s forgiveness, but can she forgive herself for past decisions that hurt others, and open her heart to love again?

Why the author wrote this book:

After losing several dear friends in only a month's time, I began to remember the time we had spent together in the past. That is when this story line began to take place. It was a tough book to write as there was lots of emotion involved. Hopefully, the reader will feel that same emotion as they read Rachel's story.


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