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The Whispering Sentinel

By Ruth Kyser


It is said ‘you can’t go home again’, but after a cancelled wedding and the death of her father, Sandy Martin makes the decision to do just that when she returns to Michigan and her hometown of Bradford Mills. She buys her grandmother’s house, and in the process of remodeling the old house with a friend from her past, Sandy discovers her house has a story to tell she never expected. While she continues an internal struggle to find the faith and relationship with God she'd had in the past and lost somewhere along the way, she begins a journey to search no only for her history, but that of another. This is a true ‘coming home’ story that will touch your heart.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes we move away from God, but He's always there to accept us back if we ask Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book has a lot of my own childhood memories in it, but includes a historical twist that is unexpected. I really wrote this book for my own enjoyment.


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