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Making Memories: A Christian Romance

By Ruth Kyser


After an auto accident changes her life, Kelly Wilmont moves back to her hometown of Masonville, Indiana. Feeling discouraged and abandoned by God, Kelly tries to move on with her new life and forget what has happened to her, but it isn’t easy.
Then she runs into an old friend from high school at the local grocery store—only to have him act as if he doesn’t even know who she is. When Kelly learns why he acts that way, her own physical limitations and embittered past are suddenly thrown into perspective—especially when he asks for her help.
Michael Callahan is a man without a past. When Kelly comes into his life, Michael isn’t sure what to think about the auburn-haired beauty who has obviously been hurt by life. When an opportunity to get to know her better comes about, Michael takes advantage of it in the hopes he can discover the reason behind the sadness he sees in her eyes.
“Making Memories” is the story of two scarred and hurt people and how God can use circumstances to bring his children together and heal them.
Like all of Ruth Kyser’s books, “Making Memories” is a feel-good story that will touch your heart.


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