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September Skies - A Christian Romance

By Ruth Kyser


September Skies - A Christian Romance: A young widow in a small college-town in rural Michigan is looking for a purpose for her life. Hoping it’s just what she’s looking for, she accepts the part-time position as an assistant to William Connolly, a college history professor. The Professor is a serious sort—devoted to his students, and intent on finishing his writing project. Then Susan Walsh comes into his life. Susan’s faith is inherent to who she is, but Will has no room for God in his life. He’s too busy grieving the loss of his wife. Neither of them are interested in anything even remotely close to a romantic relationship. Then a blizzard throws them together and they both realize they’ve found a friend. Then Will betrays their friendship and Susan’s heart is thrown into turmoil as she struggles to understand why she ever met Will if she was only going to fall in love with him. Will Professor Connolly find his way back to God, and will Susan ever find it in her heart to forgive him?


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