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The Town Named Christmas: Plus the Christian novella, "One Last Christmas"

By Ruth Kyser


Who would have thought that simply hearing an old song on the radio would totally change his life? Chris O’Reilly never would have guessed what he’d find in the town of Christmas, Minnesota. He’d only planned to stop there long enough to find his old Army buddy’s family. Then he was headed to Duluth to look for his childhood friend and the love of his life, Bethany Cummings. Scarred, battered, and emotionally struggling, Chris would love nothing better than to find the peace and happiness he’d once known as a youngster -- to get his life on track and find the peace that could only come from a relationship with God. Would he find everything he’d been looking for—right there in the town named Christmas? AND ALSO INCLUDED IN THIS BOOK: “One Last Christmas” a Christian Christmas Novella After the death of Cate Thomas’ dear grandmother, she and the rest of the family are planning a special Christmas celebration in her Grams’ old house. Then a stranger shows up in town with claims of a family secret that could turn their Christmas celebration upside down. Is the handsome young man telling them the truth, or is Cate going to have her heart broken one more time? “One Last Christmas” is a story about faith, family, and God’s never-ending love for us.


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