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True Cover

By Ruth Kyser


In a matter of 24 hours, Sarah Masters lost everything that was important to her - her job, her friends, her house. Now a madman is hunting her down to kill her, and the only ones stopping him are the FBI Agents who have pledged to keep her safe. But in the process of protecting her, these FBI Agents touch Sarah's life in a way she never expected as they cause her to question her relationship with God and His plan for her future. Sam Morgan is the FBI Agent tasked with the job of keeping Sarah safe. He and his team fight to keep Sarah alive - and in the process, all of their lives are changed in ways they never expected.

Book Takeaway:

Even though we don't know what is up ahead of us in our lives, God has a plan and can turn even a bad situation into good for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea for this book came to me in a dream, and from there it just grew. I wanted to be able to share with my readers that no matter what you're going through or how bad it seems, God is still in control.


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