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True Cover - Book 2 - Bluecreek Ranch (Volume 2)

By Ruth Kyser


This book continues the story which began in "True Cover". Samuel Clemens Morgan and his FBI team are back. After a shootout 'gone bad' injures all three members of the team, Sam and his team are separated for a time. As Sam tries to recover both mentally and physically, he starts to doubt his faith and what God has planned for his life. Then an unexpected emergency sends Sam and his family to Montana. Events start taking place which cause Sam to wonder about the wisdom of that decision and worry--After all these years, have his wife's enemies finally found her?

Book Takeaway:

Dedication to family, to your friends and teammates. Living with integrity no matter what comes your way, and being faithful to your beliefs.

Why the author wrote this book:

I really hadn't planned on writing a sequel to "True Cover", but I had so many people email me and contact me, asking what happened next. I had readers tell me they had fallen in love with the characters and wanted the story to continue, so I wrote another book!


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