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GLASTONBURY: The Novel of Christian England

By Donna Fletcher Crow


The first 1,500 years of Christianity's tumultuous history in England. The clash of cultures. Armies marching. The rise and fall of kingdoms. one language supplanting another. yet Glastonbury remained a place of serenity, prayer and reconciliation.

And at the center of it all, the Holy Grail, brought to England by Joseph of Aramathea and his band of pilgrims, sought by Arthur's knights, central to the worship of the church through the ages. Why has it held such powerful meaning? Will Austein Ringwode, the last of the Glastonbury monks be able to discover the Truth?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how dark the times, how frail the light of hope, God is there and His Truth will triumph.


Year Title Description
1993 GLASTONBURY, The Novel of Christian England First Place, Historical Fiction, 1993, National Federation of Press Women

Why the author wrote this book:

From earliest childhood I have been fascinated by stories of King Arthur. Weaving these stories into a solid historical account, always looking for the meaning behind the legend, then telling the stories to impart their truth today is my personal spiritual and literary quest.


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