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An All-Consuming Fire, The Monastery Murders #5

By Donna Fletcher Crow


A Christmas wedding in a monastery— what could be more idyllic? And Felicity has never been happier, in spite of her over-bearing mother who wants to turn the whole event into a royal affair and Antony’s worries over the television series he is narrating on the English Mystics. Then Felicity takes on responsibility for directing an Epiphany pageant for Kirkthorpe’s wayward youth. At least, most of the vexing disruptions occurring on the filming locations are miles away from the Community of the Transfiguration. Until the threats move closer. Close enough to threaten Felicity’s life.

Book Takeaway:

Peace and beauty exist even in the midst of danger and turmoil in life.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have long wanted to tell the work of the English mystics, but in a way to relate it to modern readers. Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton and the Cloud of Unknowning author feature in this story of contemporary murder and mayhem.


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