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Elizabeth, Days of Loss and Hope, Daughters of Courage #2

By Donna Fletcher Crow


Elizabeth has one goal in life—to go to college and become a teacher. But it is 1929 in Kuna, Idaho, and the small family farm doesn’t produce enough to send both Elizabeth and her twin brother to college. Just when it seems Elizabeth’s dreams might come true the stock market crashes and the devastating Great Depression engulfs the nation. Overnight Elizabeth’s anxiety over tuition payments is superseded by fear that her parents will lose the farm. Is this one disaster that even Elizabeth’s faith in hard work and God can’t overcome?

Book Takeaway:

We can draw strength from our past, our present community and God to overcome loss and find victory for the future.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to tell my parents' story--surviving and thriving through the Great Depression and World War II. Through spiritual and physical challenges America and individuals pulled together in community to emerge strong and free.


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