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Where Love Begins, Where There is Love #1

By Donna Fletcher Crow


Catherine Peronnet’s world is shaken when she learns Charles Wesley is engaged to marry another. After all, Catherine’s initials were on the list John Wesley gave to his brother listing acceptable matrimonial candidates. And that’s not all that’s wrong in Catherine’s world. As teacher at a Methodist Society school in London, she sees her brother beaten while preaching in the open air, her favorite pupil forced to leave school because of his family’s poverty, and a prisoner receive his death sentence in Newgate Prison. Catherine undertakes the joys and hardships of a circuit-ride preaching tour to Canterbury where a French invasion threatens then must face the terrors of the Great London Earthquake before coming to an understanding of the gentle calling God has for her.

Book Takeaway:

God's grace guides every part of our lives, even when we face hardship and deep disappointment.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to tell the story of the work of the Evangelical Anglicans in 18th and 19th century England in hopes of spurring more to pray for a revival in our own day.


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