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A Most Inconvenient Death, Lord Danvers investigates #1

By Donna Fletcher Crow


Lord Charles Danvers, still mourning his lost love, hopes to escape from his ghosts at the gala coming-of-age celebrations for the son of his oldest friend. All is jubilation and proper respectability until the evening is shattered by a brutal murder. The police are quick to point to a quarrelsome farmer, but Danvers has his doubts. Is the real culprit much closer to home? And does Danvers owe the greater loyalty to an old friend or to the truth? Then Danvers is even more unsettled by the entrance of the alluring Lady Antonia Hoover.

“A fascinating journey into the daily lives of nineteenth-century British aristocrats and their servants…believable fictional characters and scenes embellish the true stories of real-life individuals. Detailed descriptions, seamlessly woven into the story, made the book believable as well as visual.” ~Amazon reviewer

Book Takeaway:

Even though terrible things happen, God can bring beauty and order out of chaos.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love working with contrasts. When i read of the Stanfield Hall murders I was gripped by the idea of a respectable, Victorian family being suddenly slaughtered in their home on a quiet evening.


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