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Stephanie, Days of Turmoil and Victory, Daughters of Courage #3

By Donna Fletcher Crow


Stephanie Hamilton wants to change the world. Her friends are singing protest songs and marching on city hall, but Stephanie thinks working within the system can achieve more. When Her father Eliot Hamilton becomes ill and she is thrust into the Idaho State Legislature to fill his seat she is determined to make her mark with a housing subsidy bill—a stance that puts her into direct conflict with Attorney General Carlton Sperlin, grandson of the man who wanted to marry her beloved grandmother Kathryn. But Stephanie, also like her grandmother, is engaged to a charming Scotsman—so at least her heart is safe from the strategies of her political opponent. Or is it?

Book Takeaway:

God is with us, working His plan, in even the most turbulent of times.

Why the author wrote this book:

Continuing the story of my parents and grandparents with memories of my own growing up days--but not my story--I never wanted anything less than a political career. I especially wanted to show the importance of family heritage.


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