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A Lethal Spectre, Lord Danvers Investigates #5

By Donna Fletcher Crow


Antonia and Charles are swept up in the glittering swirl of a London season as they present Aunt Aelfrida’s ward to society. In India Antonia’s closest girlhood friend is caught in the most brutal massacre ‘in the book of time’. What could these disparate events have to do with murders in London and Brighton? This engrossing story comes to life with all the vivid historical detail readers expect from Donna Fletcher Crow.

“A stunning contrast between the dramas and machinations of fashionable London life and the unfurling of an unthinkable tragedy. A story of lights and shadows, all impeccably well researched and realised.”
~Linda Stratmann, author of The Frances Doughty Mysteries

Book Takeaway:

The sustaining power of prayer

Why the author wrote this book:

I have wanted to tell the story of the Cawnpore Massacre for years. I also love working with contrasts--moving between a glittering London season and the horrors of an Indian mutiny formed a story I loved writing.


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