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A Most Singular Venture, An Elizabeth and Richard Literary Suspense #5

By Donna Fletcher Crow


Richard is teaching Jane Austen as a Queen of Crime at the University of London while Elizabeth researches all the London sites Jane knew. A lovely interlude to their summer until Richard's brother Andrew shows up to bid on a set of Jane Austen first editions, a pushy student intrudes on their agenda and they become responsible for a young boy. And then one of Andrew's business associates is murdered and he is accused of the deed.

Book Takeaway:

Deception and violence can lurk in even the most genteel settings.

Why the author wrote this book:

Jane Austen is my great literary love and I can never learn enough about her life. In this book I wanted to explore her life in London. I also enjoy the fact that there is a great deal more death and crime in her books than the casual reader thinks. It was fun to explore some of that.


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