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Almost Arizona

By Susan Page Davis


Julia Newman has dreamed of heading home since she went east two years ago to teach. With Arizona on the brink of statehood, she may get her wish. But her long-awaited return is off to a decidedly rocky start after a hasty telegram summons her home to mourn her beloved mother. Outside her hometown, the stagecoach is held up and a man is killed. The very first person she meets when they finally reach their destination is Adam Scott--the man she loved but couldn't have.
Adam is uncertain how to feel now that Julia's back in Ardell. She's as lovely as ever, but their past still threatens to keep them apart. When Adam begins to suspect Julia's brother of the robbery, the future doesn't look much better.
Julia's attempt to clear her brother's name and Adam's hunt for the robber lead them into the inhospitable desert. Adam prays his best friend and former love aren't guilty of the crimes, but a bright future seems beyond their reach.
This is a sweet inspirational romance.


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