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Hearts in the Crosshairs

By Susan Page Davis


Shots fired at the State Capitol!
Newly elected State of Maine governor Jillian Goff has arrived for her inaugural address. But what she ended up doing was dodging bullets! Jillian can't begin to understand why anyone would want to kill her, but whoever the assassin was got close. Way too close.
Dave Hutchins is a member of the state's Executive Protection Unit, and now he's a man with a very important mission—he must protect the governor and find the would-be assassin.
Bodyguard rule #1: Do not get emotionally involved with your client. Dave is one of Maine's finest. He knows the rules, and he's trying hard to stay emotionally detached. But the more time he spends with Jillian, the less he can imagine ever leaving her side. Not with her life—and his heart—caught in the crosshairs.
This is a story of faith and romance. Most of Susan Page Davis's books are set in small towns, many of them in Maine, where she grew up. Among her accolades are the American Christian Writers' Book of the Year (Carol Award), two Inspirational Readers' Choice Awards, and two Will Rogers Medallions.


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