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The Blacksmith's Bravery

By Susan Page Davis


By age 12, Vashti Edwards was working her way west in saloons. Life in Fergus, Idaho has given her new hope. Money is tight for Vashti's employer at the Spur & Saddle, and she tries to get the job she's dreamed of--as a stagecoach driver. Griffin Bane, local blacksmith and stagecoach manager, admits he needs more help. But can a woman--even one known to be a good markswoman--handle the challenges and dangers on the trail? As soon as Vashti starts her new job, the line is targeted by a band of robbers. Was Griffin a fool to put a woman at the reins, and can he brave the beautiful distraction she makes as he takes to riding shotgun? Will the Ladies' Shooting Club help catch the bandits and bring the stubborn couple together?

Book Takeaway:

This series is about a group of women who support each other in many ways, but it's also about individuals who need forgiveness--from God, from themselves, and from others. I hope readers will examine their own hearts and ask whom they need to forgive--or seek forgiveness from.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is Book 3 in my series The Ladies' Shooting Club. I love my town of Fergus and the people who live there. Vashti and the other members of the Ladies' Shooting Club have become friends of mine. I hope readers love them as much as I do and enjoy this third visit to Fergus.


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