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The Suspect Bride

By Susan Page Davis


In 1890s Oregon, Verity works as a cook at a local restaurant. Jack, a fledgling lawyer, has become her friend. He eats lunch at the restaurant almost every day, and he’s been working up his courage to ask her if he can court her. She lives with her sister Prudence and brother-in-law, who owns a jewelry store. Just as Jack is about to ask if he can call on her, the sheriff arrives and tells Verity she is under arrest for murder. Jack tells the shocked woman he will look into it and come see her at the jail.

Verity’s brother-in-law, Sherman, is missing. His wife summoned the sheriff, who arrived at the house to find Sherman’s study in disarray and blood smears on the floor. He’s not saying what evidence he has against Verity that makes him think she killed Sherman. Could Verity possibly be guilty? And can Jack counter the evidence and win her freedom?

This novella was originally published as part of The Captive Brides Collection.


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