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The Christmas Tree Bride

By Susan Page Davis


Polly Winfield’s desire for a Christmas tree stands for more than that. Since she moved with her family to the plains of Wyoming, where suitable evergreens are hard to come by, she has developed a homesickness, though she remains cheerful and helpful to her parents in running the stagecoach station. This novella was originally published as part of the anthology The Twelve Brides of Christmas. The sequel to this story is The Blue Moon Bride.

A friend in Massachusetts sends Polly a postcard with a picture depicting a decorated Christmas tree, which sparks her longing for one. Her family had one every year when they lived in New England. The sight of the card reminds Polly of happy Christmases with family. Deeper than the tree itself, she longs for the sense of security and being loved that always surrounded the tree when she was younger. Stagecoach driver Jacob Tierney agrees to look for a tree for her as his run takes him into different terrain, where trees are more plentiful. Achieving that goal proves difficult, and Polly’s tree almost becomes sacrificed in an emergency. Will a stagecoach accident prevent Jacob from making her wish come true?


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