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Trail to Justice

By Susan Page Davis


Ruby Dale finds the freedom she longs for on the back of her horse, Lancelot. An only child after her sister died in an accident, she stays close to home, despite feeling cloistered at time. When the change to compete in a hundred-mile endurance ride arises, Ruby is eager to hit the trail. And riding with the handsome local veterinarian makes the event even more appealing.
Chuck Sullivan finds his social life on the upswing when Ruby Dale agrees to join him on a day-long trail ride in the mountains. And riding alongside her in the Wyoming 100 is even better. But when a friend takes a bad fall and Chuck makes a startling discover off the trail, the ride turns from a friendly comopetition to a sinister fight for life.

Book Takeaway:

Ruby and Chuck have a chance to witness to Jeff through their deeds and words. I hope the reader sees how faith is an active part of life, even in the most unexpected situations.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love horses, and I always wanted to do a LONG trail ride. I wrote a children's book about this sport, Sarah's Long Ride, but I also wanted to bring it into the adult world, so I put my heroine, Ruby, in a 100-mile endurance ride.


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