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You Shouldn't Have

By Susan Page Davis


“I SAW MY NEIGHBOR MURDER HIS WIFE!”But the police don’t believe Petra Wilson. They insist she was mistaken. There’s no body, no evidence, no murder. But Petra knows what she saw. And now her dangerous neighbor knows it, too. She needs protection, needs someone to believe in her. She turns to her sisters for comfort, but does not tell them of the danger she’s in. They introduce her to private investigator Joe Tarleton. Petra tells Joe her story, expecting him to decide there is no case. But the dedicated P.I. accepts her word, and he vows to uncover the truth. Still, he can’t guard Petra twenty-four hours a day. In spite of her precautions, her neighbor makes inroads in her vulnerability. Petra is left open to a killer intent on silencing the only living witness. This clean romantic suspense novel includes a Christian faith journey. Group discussion questions are included.


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