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The Sheriff''s Surrender

By Susan Page Davis


When the sheriff of Fergus, Idaho, is murdered, Gert Dooley starts the Ladies’ Shooting Club. But when one of their members is murdered, these ladies are called on to do more than target practice and praying. Will the new sheriff accept Gert’s help in finding the murderer before he strikes again?

Book Takeaway:

Most of the people in this book lived many years without a church or organized Christian teaching or fellowship, yet some of them retained a deep and abiding faith. I hope my readers see that God is still very close, even when our circumstances isolate us or events overwhelm us.

Why the author wrote this book:

This story began with my desire to write about a group of women supporting each other in a difficult time, even though the men in their lives rankled at their way of doing so. My husband used to be a certified gunsmith, and so the Hiram Dooley character--and his sister, Gert, sprang to life in my mind. Next came the ladies' reason to need a shooting club. In writing this series, I've met some characters I love and admire.


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