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Maine Brides

By Susan Page Davis


Three complete romance novels about society's castoffs redeemed by love.
In historic Maine, three weomen find that loving a man is not as easy as the heart would lead them to believe.
In the Prisoner's Wife, Lucy Hamblin obeyed her father and gave up Jack Hunter years ago. But when Jack is scheduled to hang in the morning, Lucy can't deny his last request--to marry him at the jail. Can they hope for a miracle of preservation, along with the restoration of lost love?
In The Castaway's Bride, Deborah Bowman's sister gave up on her beau when he was presumed dead at sea. When Edward Hunter suddenly returns, he finds his fiancée has moved on. Can he see her younger sister Deborah for the woman she has become, or will he always see her as a rowdy young girl and cling to the dream of what might have been?
Finally, in the Lumberjack's Lady, Letitia Hunter knows her place in society, but she can't help having feelings for Etienne LeClair, the lowly French lumberjack who saved her from drowning. Her father brought Etienne out of the woods to serve as an office clerk. Can he overcome prejudice to win the hand of the boss's daughter?
Three men who have been cast off by society must trust faith to bridge the road to love and bring them to new lives alongside the women who love them.


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