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Hearts in Pursuit

By Susan Page Davis


In 1880 Texas, Abigail Bunter's little sister, Ellen, has been kidnapped by a band of ruthless men. Her father tried to stop them and was critically injured. Neighbors arrive, revealing that Ellen is not the only captive. Eight-year-old Pablo Hardy was also kidnapped. Since her father is incapacitated, nineteen-year-old Abigail insists on riding with the men who are chasing the outlaws. She doesn’t want her sister to be alone, if she’s recovered, with a rescue party of all men.

Sam Hardy, 21, is with the recovery party. From him, Abby learns the captors are Mexicans sent specifically to kidnap his little brother, Pablo. Sam’s father married a second wife from Mexico, Elana Hernandez. When his stepmother died, Sam's father wouldn’t send Pablo to her Mexican family. Pablo's Grandfather Hernandez wants his only grandchild to be raised as his heir, on his rancho in Chihuahua. He sent a band of cutthroats to kidnap the child and told them they could capture other slaves or booty to sell, as long as they brought Pablo safely back to him. Now they are heading for the border with the boy and a few other captives, including Abigail’s sister. The small rescue party is desperate to recover the children. Abby is afraid Mr. Hardy only cares about Pablo, but Sam forms a pact with her. They will not give up until both their siblings are home.


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