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Joi Copeland

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Joi Copeland is married to a wonderful man, Chris, and has three amazing boys, Garrison, Gage, and Gavin. She lives in Denver, Colorado, but within the year, hopes to be living in Galway, Ireland.
Joi’s love of writing began at a young age. She wrote short stories for several years, and in 2009, she began writing her first novel, Hope for Tomorrow.

Books by Author

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Christmas Lights and Romance

Christmas contemporary romances sure to warm your heart during the Christmas season. Romance, mystery, suspense. This collection has it all.

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Christmas in Stoney Brook

He was hunting for revenge. She was fleeing from the past. Austin Birch wanted one thing and one thing only: seek revenge on the man who stole everything from his family. No matter what it took, he would see it come to pass. When his plans go awry, he is forced to settle in Stoney Brook, Colorado. Addison…

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Silent Knight

Struggling to take care of his deaf son in a town with no resources, Ethan Knight’s at the end of his rope. When his son is kicked out of preschool, he feels he’s out of options and prays for a miracle. A newcomer to Snow Globe, Montana may be his answer to prayer, or is it the possibility of an…

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The Doctor's Miracle

Pregnant and all alone, Prudence Donaldson leaves the Oregon Territory, where she buried her husband of three years. The only person she knows who will take her in is her sister, Patience Holloway, in Twin Bluffs, Wyoming. While on the stagecoach, Prudence begins to experience labor pains. She forces…

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The Preacher's Surprise

He was looking for a bride.She was looking to help her sister.Cord Holloway is the town preacher, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the stagecoach carrying his bride-to-be. After over an hour, his gut tells him something ain’t right. The Adams sisters are traveling to Twin Bluffs, Wyoming, in order…

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Faith to Dance

He lives in fear.She lives in a world of dance.When their two worlds collide, will they have the faith to work through their differences, or will they be forced to go their separate ways?Drew Erickson has a devastating loss. Six years later, he still has fears of the one thing he believes robbed him…

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In Apple Pie Order

She's hiding from love. He's hiding from God. Still grieving the loss of the love of her life in a freak accident, Rose Wallace is determined not to admit she needs help on the apple farm, but God knows the truth. Still, she refuses to open her heart and risk getting it broken again. Sterling Bertram…

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Sunshine in Spring

Camden Daye used to love Christmas. Six years ago, tragedy struck his family. Every year since then, he hangs on to the past and his role in the devastation that shook up the world of his loved ones. Can he be free of the self-imposed chains, or will they hold him in bondage? Sunshine Rogers is being…

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Fall N Joy

Joy Parker’s life takes a turn when tragedy strikes and her entire family dies in a car accident. Spencer Fall’s at his wits end trying to take care of his father, his mom who has Alzheimers, and running a business. He needs help and fast. Through a matchmaking scheme, Joy and Spencer are the answer…

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Charity and the Seven Sisters

Tragedy can bring them together or tear them apart….. Charity Watson lost her mother at an early age. Growing up in Boston with only her father, servants, and maid, Eliza, she learned how to take care of a house, cook, and clean. When tragedy strikes and she is left an orphan, she must flee the only…

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Broken Together

Hope drives her back home to Flagstaff, Arizona, until Zoey learns the truth. His peaceful world shaken, Gawain battles with letting go of the pain that once held him captive. Will they find healing or will they remain, Broken Together? Zoey Fuller and Cadan Moss were friends in secret during high school…

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Christmas Snowe and Peppermint Cocoa

Snoweflake Jacobson left Camden, Maine, and her secrets. Though guilt follows her wherever she goes, she pushes it down and ignores it. When her aunt passes away and leaves her a huge property, Snowe must return to Camden to not only figure out what todo with this house but also come face to face with…

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Chance in Maine

When he met her, everything in his world of silence began to change. Chance Carmichael’s accident two years ago not only shattered in his life, it shattered his faith. Tired of living with the pitying looks, he leaves his hometown in Virginia and ventures north. Anger and bitterness remain his constant…

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Shamrock Inn

Angela Graham lost the love of her life when he left for Desert Storm and never came back. She never got over her broken heart. Will meeting the right man help heal her hurting heart? Devin Miles returns to his hometown to take care of his ailing father's estate. His father drops a bomb shell that threatens…

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Christmas Rayne

Rayne Adams loves Christmastime. While shopping for a Christmas tree, she runs into a love from the past. With a possible new love forming on the horizon, will the past continue to haunt her or will she be able to let it go and move on? Or is there room in her heart for her former love? Justin Thomas…

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